Annual Breakfast Meeting at Morgan's Restaurant - April 13

Mark your calendars for our annual breakfast meeting at Morgan's Restaurant on April 13, 2016, 9:30 to 11:00 AM.
Please arrive early.
RSVP to Diane Montuori by April 10 at 610-437-4718 or
3079 Willow Street Allentown, PA 18104
(610) 769-4100
(Intersection of Cedar Crest Blvd. 
and Willow Street, Allentown, PA)

2015 AAA Report

This year, 26 teachers participated in AAA, with approximately 208 students performing on piano, voice, and violin. 127 students received S+ ratings (61%), and we had four honors recitals with very high-quality performances. Some of the students who performed in the honors recital are pictured above.
A host of people made this event possible: Barbara Thompson, who worked on getting judges beginning in the summer; Annie Petit, the liaison with our scheduler, Karen El-Chaar, and her committee of application reviewers, Carol Commune, Arianna Goldina, and Mary Ann Saylor; Herb and Mirta Heffner, who ordered and distributed the ribbons and other awards; Rosemary Murdy-Haber, who arranged for monitors and recital hosts, and Darlene Sydlik, who oversaw monitors on the audition day; Vicky Serrao, who brought in refreshments for the judges and arranged their lunches; Liz Zemanek and Darlene Ziegler, who spent hours recording Superior Plus students and their recital pieces in the database; Keren Ligowski, who put together the beautiful recital programs; Deb Fleming, who arranged for certificates and had them printed; Liz Zemanek, who sent out numerous emails to inform the membership of AAA information; Randi Paul, who changed the website as needed to accommodate new forms and information; Mary Ann Saylor, who will use our recital photos for publicity; and our monitor crew (including a few very capable subs), some of whom additionally brought rating sheets up to the office. And thanks to everyone who entered students and prepared them so well!
Sixteen students of our chapter’s teachers were awarded plaques for achieving the highest rating for five years (three years for voice students).
Congratulations to both students and teachers for their hard work! 
Martha Schrempel, AAA Chair 

Metropolitan Opera Trip - September 19 - "Turandot" by Puccini

We again accomplished running another early in the year trip to the Met.  This was accomplished with great support from many of our teachers. I would like to thank Carolyn Anderson, Colette Bordeaux, Janice Derstine, Keren Ligowski, Gloriana Sewell and Darlene Ziegler for all of their help in making this trip a success. We also had voice students attend from the studios of Ronnie Gerry and Gail Grossman. Thirty-four school age student and six adults (for a total of forty) attended the trip. Due to last minute illness, one other student was able to be a substitute.
Students were sent a study packet and listening resources to prepare for the opera. We reviewed much of the materials together on the bus and our Met rep was again very pleased with the knowledge of the opera and wonderful behavior that our students demonstrated. Many thanks to Elijah Ligowski, who has fielded most of the representative’s questions for two years in a row now!  He must have a great teacher! Every student said that they thoroughly enjoyed the opera, especially the phenomenal Zeffirelli sets. The length of the opera was just right for our age group. The chorus and lush Puccini score made for a wonderful musical experience. Students said that they loved the opera and most said that they would attend another Met bus trip. I will still need to complete a survey and attend a workshop in this year.
Susan Kuntz, Field Trips Chairperson
Click here to read two student reports about their experience at "Turandot".

Musikfest 2015

Plaza Tropical
Monday, August 10, 2015
Hello All,
Today, a large crowd gathered to hear a great hour of repertoire performed by our local PA Music Teachers Association at Plaza Tropical at  Musikfest .
Again, I want to personally and publically thank Herb Heffner and Vicky Serrao for donating their time by helping me with the audition process last month. Mirta Heffner again served as a warm welcoming hostess and made all the students feel relaxed and organized. THANK YOU to a GREAT TEAM!........ I COULDN’T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!!!!
This year we heard students perform music from many outstanding teachers’ studios, namely Carolyn Anderson, Janice Derstine, Arianna Goldina, Herb Heffner, Susan Kuntz, Mary Ann Saylor, Martha Schrempel, Vicky Serrao, and myself. Another GREAT TEAM! Since we only had one (1) hour of time allotted to showcase our students, the audition process needed to be very selective this year. We were only able to take 50% of the students that auditioned, which I’m certain, was disappointing to many students and teachers. Perhaps next year, we might be given more time and more students will be able to participate. On a more positive note, we had an equally balanced program with 11 pianists, 2 violinists, and 10 vocalists. Many audience members told me the program had variety, with a good mix of musical selections and left them wanting to hear more. The “spot on” perfect timing was a tribute to the momentum of the program moving along in a smooth manner which made the audience want to join us in the audience next year.
Again, I also would like to thank Vicky Serrao and her husband, Greg, for graciously donating the cost of printing the programs at Staples. A much appreciative gesture!
As I reflect on a rainy but PERFECT afternoon filled with stunning music, I was most proud of our organization. The stagehands pre-set all equipment in a timely fashion, the mics were placed perfectly for the vocalists and violinists, the audience was supportive and appreciative, and everything went off without a glitch. The quality of repertoire along with the students’ professional mannerisms, stage presence, and memory skills, showcased our organization with the respect and dignity it deserves. So in closing, I welcome the opportunity to present our LVPMTA chapter of students and teachers at Musikfest 2016….because I was proud to be your ambassador for this event.
Rosemary Murdy-Haber
Musikfest Recital Coordinator

2015 Play-A-Thon Report

Our annual Play-a-Thon took place on February 28 and March 1 at the Palmer Park Mall. Fifteen studios were represented by the students who participated. A total of $5175 was raised. The studio of Gloriana Sewell raised the most money, followed by those of Susan Kuntz and Lori Huth. Visa gift cards are being award to Elijah and Gabriel Ligowski (students of Gloriana Sewell) and Lucy Kitch-Peck (student of Vicky Serrao) for being the top three fund-raisers. Four more students tied for raising the next lower amount. They will receive gift certificates for Young’s Music Store. These students are Michele Li (student of Darlene Sydlik), Giana Pistoria (student of Cherie Murray), and John and Rebecca Derham (students of Gloriana Sewell). Two students won free turnings from Zeiner’s: Lalitha Loka (student of Sue Kuntz) and John Zemanek (student of Liz Zemanek). Three students won free turnings from Jacobs Music: Angela Chen (student of Martha Schrempel), Philip Han (student of Darlene Ziegler), and Noah Zacharia (student of Lori Huth). We are grateful to the Palmer Park Mall, Zeiner’s Pianos (for providing the pianos as well as the two free piano tunings), Young’s Music Store, and Jacobs Music for the three free tunings which they contributed. We are also grateful to Elizabeth Campbell of Jacobs Music for her help at the Mall, as well as John and Tom Zeiner who spent time with us there on Saturday. In addition we owe thanks to Utz, Just Born, and Gertrude Hawke Chocolates for their contributions for the goody bags. Thanks also to all those who participated and who helped to contribute to and stuff the goody bags for the Play-a-Thon. Chairing the event was Lori Huth with help from Cherie Murray and Deborah Fleming. Thanks to all who helped make this event a success!
Cherie Murray, LVMTA Play-A-Thon Co-Chair

Our Mission


To organize all music teachers in the Lehigh Valley into one professional society.

To promote public recognition of the value of music education.

To develop the potential of members and their students.

To encourage, inspire, and assist students in their study and enjoyment of music.