"La Bohéme" at the Metropolitan Opera - NYC - Friday, Sept. 29, 2017


"La Bohéme" - Giacomo Puccini

Giacomo Puccini (1858–1924) was immensely popular in his own lifetime, and his mature works remain staples in the repertory of most of the world’s opera companies. 

Lyrical and touchingly beautiful, the score of La Bohème exerts an immediate emotional pull.
The actions is set in Paris, circa 1830. The story centers on self-conscious youth at odds with mainstream society—a Bohemian ambience that is clearly recognizable in any modern urban center. 
Information and forms for the Met Opera Trip can be found here.

Musikfest 2017

Plaza Tropical
Wednesday, August 8, 2017
Hello All,
What a perfect day for a recital at Musikfest 2017 at Plaza Tropical.
 (Yesterday was a rainy, windy, muddy day and I certainly felt for the performers that had to venture out and perform “rain or shine” at Musikfest during the inclement weather.) Mother nature, however, was on our side. We had a beautiful, sunny day, no humidity, 78% temperature, and little to no breeze. We were blessed with a perfect day to perform. Hallelujah!
Again, my team of Herb Heffner and Vicky Serrao did a phenomenal task volunteering their time and talents to help me audition the students… this time at Moravian College, in Peter Hall. Mirta Heffner did the warm, welcoming duty and task of  keeping the students entering in a timely fashion throughout the audition process, which started at 10:00 in the morning and lasted until 1:00 in the afternoon. She has a way of charming each child and easing nerves before they perform. Thank you for your continued support of our musical program. I want to also thank the teachers who sent such exemplary talented, well mannered, and talented students to perform; those teachers being, Janice Derstine, Arianna Goldina, Herbert Heffner, Susan Kuntz, Cindy Liang, Elizabeth Zemanek, and myself. Susan even brought a professional banner and poster to add additional publicity for our organization and I want to thank her for that as well. Last, but not least, I would like to publically thank Vicky Serrao and her husband Greg for graciously donating the cost of printing the programs. A much APPRECIATED task!
A total of 13 vocalists and 22 pianists performed today in front of a huge crowd under the tent.  Our audience keeps growing every year. One parent proudly said to me before our program started, “This performance is one I attend every year, even though I don’t know any one that is performing. I look forward to the unbelievable young talent.”  That comment speaks volumes of which we are as a professional organization and how hard the students work to achieve this performance goal. 
Performing at Musikfest is a thrill for the students and for me as the chairperson. I can speak for Vicky and Herb when I say, we chose the perfect students to represent our organization at Musikfest 2017 and I am hopeful the parents, the community, and Musikfest all agree. In closing, I welcome the opportunity to host our LVPMTA chapter with students and teachers at Musikfest 2018 again next year. Thank you.
Rosemary Murdy-Haber
Musikfest Recital Coordinator

Annual Breakfast Meeting - April 12 - Morgan's Restaurant

Our annual Breakfast Meeting was held at Morgan's Restaurant on April 12.  Members enjoyed camaraderie with one another while we held our last general meeting until September.  We presented Darlene Sydlik and Denise Williams with plaques in recognition for their 25 years of service to our organization.  Kris Fosbenner was installed as our new President!  Thank you to everyone who was able to attend!

Many thanks to Elizabeth Zemanek, who has served so enthusiastically and with utmost integrity and competence during the past two years.

Elizabeth Zemanek, outgoing President, swears in Kris Fosbenner, incoming President:

2017 Play-a-Thon

Our annual Play-a-Thon took place on February 25 and 26 at the South Mall.  Over 200 students participated.  The total amount collected to date is $7294.56, with a few more donations still expected to come in.  The studio of Gloriana Sewell raised the most money, followed by those of Susan Kuntz and Martha Schrempel.  Amazon gift cards  were awarded to Asa, Elijah, and Gabriel Ligowski (students of Gloriana Sewell), who were tied for raising the most money in pledges. They each raised $240!  They will also share a gift certificate for Young’s Music Store.  Gift certificates for Young’s were also  sent to Landen Burns (student of Kris Fosbenner), who raised $150, and to Sarah Grace Daza (student of Denise Williams), who raised $121.  Three students won free tunings from Jacobs Music:  Isabelle Alessi (student of Irmgard Pursell), Isabelle Russo (student of Carolyn Anderson), and Chris Konopelski (student of Cherie Murray).  Two students won free tunings from Zeiner’s:  Inara Niaz (student of Susan Kuntz), and Mana Khalvati (student of Deb Fleming). 

We are grateful to the South Mall, Zeiner’s Pianos (for providing the pianos as well as the two free piano tunings which were prizes in a drawing at the end of the event), Young’s Music Store for the discount coupons and gift certificates that they provided, and Elizabeth Campbell of Jacobs Music for her help at the event and for also providing another three free piano tunings for the drawing.  Elizabeth also took the contents of the leftover goody bags to Safe Harbor Shelter in Easton to give to the people there.  Thanks also go out to Utz, Just Born, and Provident and Santendar banks for their contributions for the goody bags.  Chairing the event this year was Susan Kuntz, with help from Cherie Murray, Kris Fosbenner, and Deborah Fleming.  Everything went smoothly and a lot of good music was heard throughout the Mall!  We received many favorable comments from passers-by.  Thanks to all who helped make this event a success! 

Cherie Murray, LVMTA Play-a-Thon Co-Chair

Our Mission


To organize all music teachers in the Lehigh Valley into one professional society.

To promote public recognition of the value of music education.

To develop the potential of members and their students.

To encourage, inspire, and assist students in their study and enjoyment of music.