Playing Piano

Achievement Awards

Application Postmark Deadline - Saturday, October 16, 2021

Audition Date - Saturday, November 6, 2021

Honors Recitals - Sunday, November 7, 2021

Moravian College Music & Arts Building, Bethlehem, PA

The Achievement Awards Auditions were initiated over 30 years ago by our association for the purpose of providing students — of all performance levels — with a confidence-building preparation and performance opportunity, an evaluation by a qualified adjudicator, and the privilege of performing in an Honors Recital upon receiving a Superior Plus rating from the adjudicator.

The list of Teacher Codes for this event is at the bottom of this webpage.  If you are new to this event, contact the chairperson for a Teacher Code assignment.  See "Creating Your Student Numbers" below for more information.


Required Repertoire:

Two memorized pieces of contrasting periods and styles. See Rules and Regulations for repertoire guidelines.

Local Rules and Regulations:

Musical Theatre Category:  Two contrasting pieces. Music from Disney movies is permitted. Please make sure that the pieces are age-appropriate / G-rated.  We have young listeniners in our recital audiences.

$17.00 per student (non-refundable).


  • Certificate, ribbon, and rating sheet.

  • Invitation to perform in the Honors Recital if a Superior Plus rating is earned.

  • Engraved plaque for students who have received five years with top ratings (three for vocal students).


  • Please note the date of the Honors Recital above.

  • Specific time requests must be indicated on the application form.  No changes will be made after the postmark deadline.

  • Levels A and B are limited to one method book piece.

  • Pieces should have musical value and show some expression.

  • Pieces should be at least 16 measures in length without repeats.  See Rules and Regulations for further instructions.


Teachers submit the following by the Postmark Deadline:

  1. One Application for each student.

  2. One Judge's Rating Sheet for each student. (See below.)

  3. A roster of student applicants listed in alphabetical order complete with the student number (see below).

  4. One check for the total fees made payable to LVMTA.

For more information, contact Martha Schrempel, chair; , 610-391-0290.

Creating Your Student Numbers:

Teachers are to assign a student number to each application, i.e., teacher code -1, teacher code -2, teacher code -3, etc.  Refer to the Application Checker List below to determine teacher code and to whom you will send your AAA Registration materials.

Achievement Awards Forms & Resources

Application Form

Application Checker List

Use of Computer Generated Music 

Strings Rating Sheet

Rules & Regulations

Student Information

Piano Rating Sheet

Vocal Rating Sheet