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2024 LVMTA Scholarship Winners Announced

Summer Camp Scholarship Awards 2024

Scholarships of $250 each have been awarded to five students of LVMTA members

for study at summer music camps. The recipients, their teachers and camp names are:

  1. Ethan Nguyen

    1. Student of Sue Kuntz

    2. Attending Kutztown Summer Music Festival

  2. Gavin Qian

    1. Student of Yu Bao

    2. Attending Jazz Camp, Moravian University

  3. Emily Soulsby

    1. Student of Sue Kuntz

    2. Attending French Woods

  4. Emmett Cook

    1. Student of Liz Zemanek

    2. Attending Summer Music Institute, Moravian University

  5. Andrew Sodano

    1. Student of Rebecca Pieper

    2. Attending Broadway Bound Acting Through Song, Musik Makers Studio

We congratulate these students and know they will take advantage of the opportunity

they have been given to further their studies.

Irmgard Pursell

Camp Scholarship Chair

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