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Achievement Awards Auditions

This year, 23 teachers participated in AAA, with approximately 230 students performing on piano, voice, and violin, a few more than 2017. 157 students received S+ ratings, close to 70% of participants, and we had four honors recitals with very good performances. Judges always comment on the high quality of our students, so perhaps 70% isn't excessive! 11 students will receive highest rating plaques, and 1 student won a 10-year trophy.

As I look back on last year's AAA report, I see that many of the same people help each year to make this event possible. All of these are experienced, but we'd love for others to join the team that runs the weekend. Thanks to: Barbara Thompson, who worked on getting judges beginning in the summer; the committee of application reviewers, capably led by Annie Petit; Rosemary Murdy-Haber, who arranged for monitors and recital hosts, and Darlene Sydlik, who oversaw monitors on the audition day; Vicky Serrao, who brought in refreshments for the judges and arranged their lunches; Liz Zemanek and Darlene Ziegler, who spent hours recording Superior Plus students and their recital pieces in the database; Keren Ligowski, who put together the beautiful recital programs; Susan Kuntz, who arranged for certificates and name tags and had them printed; Kris Fosbenner, who sent out numerous emails to inform the membership of AAA information; Randi Paul, who changed the website as needed to accommodate new forms and information; and our monitor and recital host crew, without whom this would not be possible. After Herb and Mirta's move to North Carolina, Yu Bao and Cindy Liang took over the ribbon room and did a beautiful job. 

And, of course, thanks to everyone who entered students and prepared them so well!

Martha Schrempel, Chairperson 

Congratulations to the students pictured below who earned S+ ratings and performed in one of the AAA Honors Recitals.

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